The Marketplace For The New Generation

A new generation of digital consumers is coming into the marketplace.

We have the first generation to come of age in the digital age, and these kids are different. They’re the biggest generation ever, and they think, and work, and play, and collaborate very differently than their parents, and there’s no more powerful force to change every institution than the first.

Don Tapscott

The Digital Consumer and the Rise of a New Paradigm for Marketing

Don Tapscott (CEO of the Tapscott Group) speaks to SAP’s Center for Business Insight about how a new generation of digital consumers work, play and collaborate in a totally new way. The traditional 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) are replaced by a new paradigm for marketing fueled by customers being armed […]

Don Tapscott HP CIO Summit Excerpt

Reinventing the Automobile Industry

Don Tapscott delivers the 2011 HP CIO Summit keynote. This segment on new business models features Local Motors, a networked, collaborative model for automobile design and manufacturing.