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Holiday Greetings to the GSN Team

A note from our Global Solution Networks Managing Director, Joan Bigham: Dear GSN Team, A very Merry Christmas and glorious holidays to you and your families! 2013 was a great year for us and I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone for your hard work. We began the year with our launch event

Don Tapscott’s Band, Men in Suits Releases A New Song

Men in Suits releases it’s new song.  Written by Don Tapscott in collaboration with John Welsman and Duke Mackenzie.  Vocals by Gerry Throop, Trish Fondberg, Duke Mackenzie and Don Tapscott.  Stay posted for the video contest. It’s an anthem for social change.  ”She” represents  people who through love can collectively build a better world using

Trent University Chancellor Opens Lecture Series

Don Tapscott opened his Trent University chancellor lecture series on Tuesday by acknowledging that looking at how to solve the world’s problems isn’t a modest topic. “There’s a fine line between vision and delusion,” he said, drawing some laughs from the audience of about 300 people at Market Hall.

EdTech Digest: A Force to Behold

One of the world’s leading experts on technology’s impact on society has a few words to say about the future of education and which generation is the one to watch.

Financial Times: End of the Imperial Corporate Leader

Not much unites Franz-Joseph I of Austria-Hungary and a flock of starlings. But when Don Tapscott, the business thinker, used film of murmurations of flocking starlings to conclude a presentation about managing complexity in Vienna last week, the mesmerising images unfolded alongside the forbidding presence of the old emperor, staring down from a gilt-framed portrait....

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Don Tapscott at EurActiv

The Digital Economy: Making it Happen

Don Tapscott, author of “Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” talks about how Europe can implement a digital economy strategy at EurActiv.

Don Tapscott

The Digital Consumer and the Rise of a New Paradigm for Marketing

Don Tapscott (CEO of the Tapscott Group) speaks to SAP’s Center for Business Insight about how a new generation of digital consumers work, play and collaborate in a totally new way. The traditional 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) are replaced by a new paradigm for marketing fueled by customers being armed […]

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ReCivilization Episode 4

Episode Four on ReCivilization: ReIndustrializing the Planet

In episode four of ReCivilization, Don examines how the digital revolution has cut transaction costs and changed the notion of the firm, and how business needs to operate collaboratively and transparently — to meet the needs of increasingly savvy consumers concerned about sustainability and ethical behaviour. As Don says, the level of scrutiny made possible by the web means businesses operate nakedly. And if you’re going to be naked, you’d better be buff.