Rethinking the University

Rethinking the University

Don Tapscott discusses how universities need to adopt a new collaborative learning model and global network for higher learning to stay relevant in the 21st century’s networked economy.

On the Ideas Economy

On the Ideas Economy

Don Tapscott talks with The Economist about the decline of the industrial age. The era of big data presents incredible opportunities — smarter cities, stronger companies, faster medicine — but just as many challenges.

Don Tapscott on Open Government at Net Change Week

Open Government & Change

Don Tapscott discusses the difference between open government and access to information during MaRS Discovery District’s Net Change Week.

Don Tapscott on Fox Business News

Profiting from Social Media

‘Macrowikinomics’ Author Don Tapscott argues social media activity will eventually become a good predictor of stock prices on Fox Business News March 28, 2011.

Don Tapscott on Mansbridge One on One

Mansbridge One on One Interview

I was a recent guest on Peter Mansbridge’s One on One show for the CBC and spoke about the concept of wiki revolutions, the Middle East and the principles of Macrowikinomics.

Don Tapscott Keynote at Lift11

Lift 2011

Don Tapscott talks about the new age of networked economy, and how collaborative innovation is deeply transforming our society as well as our institutions.