Episode Four on ReCivilization: ReIndustrializing the Planet

ReCivilization Episode 4

In episode four of ReCivilization, Don examines how the digital revolution has cut transaction costs and changed the notion of the firm, and how business needs to operate collaboratively and transparently — to meet the needs of increasingly savvy consumers concerned about sustainability and ethical behaviour. As Don says, the level of scrutiny made possible by the web means businesses operate nakedly. And if you’re going to be naked, you’d better be buff.


Episode Three of ReCivilization is Now Online: Collaborative Healthcare

ReCivilization Healthcare Episode

In part three of ReCivilization, Don examines the future of health care and medicine, where patients become co-managers of their own wellness, and use the web to network with each other for support, knowledge, and healing — outside the old, institutional, medical framework.


ReCivilization Episode 2: Open Source Knowledge, Education and Science

ReCivilization Don Tapscott

In episode two of ReCivilization, Don looks at the transformation of education and science, and how the sharing of knowledge is moving from the industrial-age model of a one-way broadcast from teacher to student to collaborative, discovery-driven learning, enabled by the web. He also examines a new model for science that favours open data over isolated, patent-driven research.