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Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world?

Our children are creating a very large digital footprint, but will they have more control over data than us, the BBC wonders? They turned to Don Tapscott for his take on privacy, and teaching children about communications and ramifications. Read the full article on...

How To Attract The ‘Net’ Generation Of Millennial Workers

As the millennial generation continues to grow older and larger – projected to span 75 percent of the global population and workforce by 2025 – many companies and businesses are still figuring out how to best interact with and attract the millennial generation – not only as consumers, but as creative and innovative workers as well.

Generation Next Are The Next Generation Employees

Over the past three years, a number of things have changed, especially when it comes to the workforce, forcing employers to rethink the way they turn to technology in the organization, implement learning solutions, and manage employees.

New Expectations from a New Generation

When the Don Tapscott group surveyed young people around the world, they asked them, “What are you doing when you’re online? Are you working, learning, collaborating, or entertaining yourself, and having fun?”And, everywhere they couldn’t answer the question.

The Marketplace For The New Generation

A new generation of digital consumers is coming into the marketplace.

We have the first generation to come of age in the digital age, and these kids are different. They’re the biggest generation ever, and they think, and work, and play, and collaborate very differently than their parents, and there’s no more powerful force to change every institution than the first.

Meet the (Real) Net Generation

This is the first generation to come of age in the digital age. Don Tapscott says to under-30s, “You are the dumbest generation.”