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SAP Business Innovation: Building a New Era of Business with Knowledge Innovation [VIDEO]

As a child of the 80s, it’s hard to believe that the global economy was once based on an agrarian society. Then one day, inventions and technology – such as the printing press, hard-drive computers, and the Internet – come along and change society forever.

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Making It Through The Storm

“Firms are increasingly reliant on networks, but often fail to understand the risks that networks bring,” says Don Tapscott, a management guru. Global supply chains, just-in-time and shifting to the “cloud” tend to bind once unrelated activities ever closer together, making them more prone to failing at the same time.

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Don Tapscott: Collaboration and the Age of Networked Intelligence

In his foreword of the white paper ‘The great technology take-up’, Don Tapscott makes the case for collaboration, co-creation and a new set of business principles. Tapscott, among others known as the author of Wikinomics looks at the changing paradigms in increasingly connected times.

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7 Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries

7 Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries

Commencement Speech for INSEAD business school’s 2012 class.

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Brunswick Review Interview on Integrity and Transparency in Business

Now that communications is one of the world’s big conversations, Brunswick Review asks Don Tapscott how corporations are really dealing with transparency.

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