Thriving in the Second Era of the Digital Age


Don Tapscott is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on the topic of tech in business and society. Don has keynoted over 1000 conferences and is one of the few speakers to have given two TED Talks.
“Don Tapscott is an enthralling and inspiring orator. Don is often described by customers as the most effective speaker they have ever had. He is an internationally renowned authority on the strategic impact of information technology on innovation, marketing and talent. He consistently identifies and explains the next business imperatives and defines the business models and strategies required for success.” The Leigh Bureau

Themes include:

  • The post pandemic world: what will it look like and what should we be doing to rebuild our companies and institutions for the new digital economy;
  • a bold and creative response for growth in the global economic crisis: how new media, the new economy and a new generation of digital natives are driving change and opening opportunity, even in the face of the current recession;
  • the social and business impact of the Net Generation: how the first generation to grow up with the Internet is transforming the workplace, the marketplace, schools, family and government, and how business can turn the NetGeners’ talents and worldview into competitive advantage;
  • the strategic value of information technology: how wikinomics, mass collaboration and business 2.0 are the future for innovation and growth.

Transformations for the Post-Pandemic Age