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Review: 12 Amazing Impacts of The Digital Economy

In his innovative slide-based review of The Digital Economy Anniversary Edition, author Dennis McCafferty looks at 12 content areas of the book and reflects on how "CIOs and their tech teams are truly creating a Brave New World." Read the full review on Cio Insight.

Forbes Review of The Digital Economy Anniversary Edition

Catching Up On 20 Years Of Innovation Maturity In Internet Time Forbes writer Rawn Shah reviews the 20th anniversary edition of The Digital Economy: To prognosticate the future on the Internet timescale is a risky venture even looking year to year. When one...

Is the Digital Economy Still a Capitalist Economy?

In his latest piece on LinkedIn, Influencer Don Tapscott writes: Too bad the term “socialism” was appropriated by Karl Marx, because it would be an apt description of today’s emerging social economy. The social media revolution is transforming the...

Rethinking the United Nations for the Networked World

This week's UN Climate Summit in New York did more than address the urgent issues of climate change. It also put a spotlight on the UN itself, and the role of the UN in tackling the most difficult problems of our increasingly complex world. Together with Bruce Jenks...

Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world?

Our children are creating a very large digital footprint, but will they have more control over data than us, the BBC wonders? They turned to Don Tapscott for his take on privacy, and teaching children about communications and ramifications. Read the full article on...

The New Face Of Buyers In The Digital Economy

In the mid-to-late ‘90’s, as the first roots of the Internet began to take hold, Don Tapscott coined the phrase The Digital Economy. Tapscott’s landmark book is entitled The Digital Economy: Promise And Peril In The Age Of Networked Intelligence. At the time, it was...

The Digital Economy: Making it Happen

Don Tapscott, author of "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" talks about how Europe can implement a digital economy strategy at EurActiv.

The New Digital Age: Review by Don Tapscott

And while countless books have been written on the subject, none has created such buzz as the recently released The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. Justly so; this is for your must-read list.