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(Almost) Everything We Think About Managing Talent is Wrong. Here’s Why.

Today’s workplace should look more like a jazz band (yes, that’s a pic of me) rather than a Dilbert-style bureaucracy that looks more like a dysfunctional marching band. As Dilbert pointed out (in the best selling management book of all time) our approach to talent management is deeply flawed.

What Can a Toronto Mayor Actually Do to Create Jobs?

Our mayor must understand the key to job creation is entrepreneurship. Canada needs to become an innovation economy and with Toronto at the centre. Close to 80 per cent of new jobs come from companies five years old or less. Entrepreneurship requires innovation, money, partnerships and above all, entrepreneurs.

How Technology is Changing Your Career

In this Globe and Mail interview, Don talks about how he was prodded to be on Twitter by a younger mentor – he notes he’s no Ashton Kutcher but has 30,000 followers – and how you can also design your life to keep in tune with our more collaborative, less hierarchical world.

The Guardian: The world’s unemployed youth: revolution in the air?

A common thread to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and protests elsewhere in the Middle East and north Africa is the soul-crushing high rate of youth unemployment. Twenty-four percent of young people in the region cannot find jobs. To be sure, protesters were...