Consulting Services

Head of State Advisory

Don collaborates with Prime Ministers, Presidents and Ministers about the transformation of their countries for the age of networked intelligence. This often includes working to ensure access for a country’s citizens, support the transformation of schools, achieve collaborative healthcare, and more. Learn more.

Open Cities

This is about engaging the population of a city and its key stakeholders in transforming to a 21st-century, smart and connected city. Our first big project is the city of Bogotá. It is an initiative led by the Chamber of Commerce and is using a number of techniques, such as challenges, electronic town hall meetings, and other engagement strategies to involve key stakeholders in the process. Learn more.

The Collaboration Program

The tools companies and governments use to collaborate have changed dramatically since Web 2.0. Call it Enterprise Social Networking, for business. The Tapscott Group develops and architects cutting-edge plans for your organization.
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