Radical Openness

Don Tapscott, author of 15 books, most recently Radical Openness expands his renowned TED talk. Social media is rapidly becoming a platform for enabling self-organization, new business models and new ways of orchestrating capability to innovate, create goods, services and even public value.

One of the most important ideas to emerge from this transformation is an astonishing one: radical openness. Smart organizations are shunning their old, secretive practices and embracing transparency, widely sharing intellectual property and collaborating on an astronomical scale. And movements for freedom and justice are exploding everywhere as organizations like Wikileaks spread information faster than ever before.

Don Tapscott, who more than any other thinker has invented this topic shares insights about how this revolutionary new philosophy is affecting every facet of our society, from the way we do business and how we manage talent to whom we chose to govern us.

But while radical openness promises many exciting transformations, it also comes with new risks and responsibilities. How much information should we share and with whom? What are the consequences of disclosing the intimate, unvarnished details of our businesses and personal lives? How do companies and governments develop a transparency strategy? What are the implications for Talent, talent management and the nature of management itself?