Welcome to the new Don Tapscott site. While the features and content of the site are much the same as the old site, I believe you will find a much-improved look and feel.

This new site arrives at a time where I find myself engaged in a growing number of activities.

I have recently launched two new initiatives. One is called Open Cities. This is about engaging the population of a city and its key stakeholders in transforming to a 21st-century, smart and connected city. Our first big project is the city of Bogotá. It is an initiative led by the Chamber of Commerce and is using a number of techniques, such as challenges, electronic town hall meetings, and other engagement strategies to involve key stakeholders in the process. I will keep this site updated on our results.

I also find myself working increasingly with government leaders at the state and national levels, and have launched an initiative called Head of State Advisory Services. As a business, it has one little flaw: I don’t accept revenue for this work. Nevertheless, if a Prime Minister or President wants to meet with me, and I am in their capital city, I will happily do this. (If you happen to be a head of state and are reading this, please give me a call.)

This site will continue to work in tandem with Macrowikinomics.com. The goal that Anthony D. Williams and I have for the Macrowikinomics site remains unchanged: To stimulate rich discussions on the many sectors of society discussed in the book, such as corporations, governments, universities, the media, and health care.

I continue to be struck by what a prescient publication the book has turned out to be. For example, as remarkable as it sounds, the book forecast the dynamics of the Arab Spring six months before it happened. We also said the financial turmoil was not simply a credit crisis that could be solved with infusions of government capital and some new regulations. The financial services sector needs to be redesigned from the ground up, and the continuing economic malaise reflects the deep transformations required of many institutions. “Jobless recovery” is an oxymoron, for there can be no recovery if there aren’t jobs for all the people who want to be employed. Anthony and I want Macrowikinomics to be the handbook for rebooting business and the world, and we won’t rest until the book is at the top of the bestseller list.

I am also directing a lot of energy to the musical side of my life, and you will find much of this work in the site’s music section. This includes compositions of my father, Don Tapscott Sr., arranged and performed by world-renowned flutist and soprano saxophone player Jane Bunnett, and her partner trumpet player Larry Kramer and sung by jazz singer John Alcornxxxxx and up-and-coming pop singers Amy Welsman and Nicole Tapscott. I’ve also included one of my own compositions sung by renowned pop singer Marc Jordan.

As always, I welcome feedback from my readers. If you have comments about the new site or thoughts on what additional features it should offer, please contact me through Jody Stevens (jstevens@MoxieInsight.com).

Thanks for visiting.