Paradigm Shift
The New Promise of Information Technology


Everywhere organizations are attempting to “reinvent” themselves.

The old, unresponsive bureaucracy simply doesn’t work in today’s volatile, open, global business environment.

However, the computing systems in today’s organization seem unable to deliver the goods for corporate rebirth. They are limited in function, and expensive, and seem to take forever to change.

Here’s a book that explains how a new era of technology can enable the transition to the new enterprise and business success. It shows managers and professionals with little or no technical background how to take action to achieve short-term benefits of this technology and position their organizations for long-term transformation.


  • “Fascinating. An insightful, data-rich analysis with broad implications for managers, marketers and politicians” — Business Week
  • “A portrait of this generation that is entertaining, optimistic, and convincing” — The Economist
  • “A must read… if you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future.” — The New York Times
  • “An optimistic view of how humans are evolving to engage with technology”— The Wall Street Journal

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