This just in: Your customers are no longer trapped on the receiving end of your value chain. With instant access to peer reviews, competitor offerings, and prices, they’re advocating for new products and services while openly and instantly communicating their likes and dislikes.

In his last blog, Dan Wellers, Global Lead for the SAP Center for Business Insight discussed the search for answers on how  technology is reshaping the way businesses and governments engage with their customers and citizens, empower and inspire their workforces, optimize their resources in real time, and harness the potential of social and business networks. But these interactions are not a one-way street.

Thanks to technology, customer passivity is a thing of the past. And they’re exerting their new-found power through 4 major trends:

1. Physical and virtual experiences converge
2. Products start remembering
3. The prosumer arrives – finally
4. Hyperpersonalization kills mass marketing

Read the full article and watch the interview with Don Tapscott at SAP’s Future of Business Series.