Dear Mr. President

November 21, 2015

From the Alliance for Converging Technologies Archives – Don Tapscott’s letter to then-President Bill Clinton. Read what the famous futurist suggested to him in 2000.

Dear Mr. President;
You and your administration set the conditions for economic prosperity and the transformation of America to the Digital Economy. You know have an historic opportunity to also re-energize citizen participation in the governing process and revitalize democracy for the 21st century.
You were correct in seeing the power of the net as a new infrastructure for the creation of wealth. You encouraged its growth, avoiding unnecessary regulation and taxes. You helped nurture the development of the converging computer, telecommunications, and content industries – that now directly contribute over $1 trillion to the US economy. As a result of the Internet, new business models are emerging that are destroying the old models of the firm and leading to unprecedented economic prosperity.
But to paraphrase John Kennedy, we should not ask what governments can do for the net, it’s what the net can do for governance.

Read the rest of Don Tapscott’s Letter to Bill Clinton in 2000 here.

Don Tapscott