A note from our Global Solution Networks Managing Director, Joan Bigham:

Dear GSN Team,
A very Merry Christmas and glorious holidays to you and your families!

2013 was a great year for us and I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone for your hard work.

We began the year with our launch event at Rotman and it was a big success (except for some inaudible remote callers and the chicken hor d’oevres). It established our relationship with MPI and kicked off our orginal GSN research agenda. That was the first of two more very successful international GSN Summits, to which everyone contributed amazing energy. Ratings were high, and emotions were high as well. Remember the food carts in Washington and Lynn St. Amour wearing a Google Glass in Brussels?

We have an ambitious year ahead with a growing faculty of expert and Member contributors for Anthony to herd, more international events so Kejina can earn frequent flyer miles, and more global recognition for Don and the program beginning with an HBR article in March. Our member list is growing too, as we attract interest from around the world to add to our current group of government, foundation and corporate sponsors. And the GSN web site is our best marketing tool!

We’re off to a great start in 2014. Our first GSN event of the new year is ready for prime time at the end of January. Webinar registrations are rising, and we have published our calendar for the coming year. Newsletter open rates are way above average. Web site traffic increased to nearly a thousand views in November and we plan to expand our platform next year. New breakthrough research is rolling out to the world every week now, and Deb’s new production process is flowing smoothly.

So congratulations and thanks to you all for being self starting, fun to work with and great team players. You are what is making GSN a global success. And a very special thank you to Don for being our thought leader and creating this amazing opportunity for all of us to do something big. Like change the world.

I hope that you enjoy your holidays with family and friends.
Warm wishes!