I should apologize and explain why I haven’t posted anything for a number of weeks.  I’ve been working around-the-clock with co-author Anthony D. Williams on the final draft of MacroWikinomics. This morning the book went into production, meaning it’s pretty much out of our hands and up to the publishers to bring to market.

It’s been three years since Anthony and I wrote Wikinomics, which explored how mass collaboration was changing the way businesses communicate, compete, and succeed in the new global marketplace. But much has changed in three years, and the principles of Wikinomics are now more powerful than ever.

In this new age of networked intelligence, businesses and communities are bypassing crumbling institutions. We are altering the way our financial institutions and governments operate; how we educate our children; and how the healthcare, newspaper, and energy industries serve their customers.  In the book we dissect why institutions are faltering and how they should change in order to stay relevant and effective.

To me MacroWikinomics is more than just a book; I view it as a mission. We need to reinvent many facets of society, and I will do my best to help that happen.

Naturally there will be a MacroWikonomics.com, which will host discussions, robust I hope, on how to make our MacroWikinomics vision come to fruition.  We will also post outtakes from the first draft that didn’t make it into the final version.  The first draft was 800 pages and we whittled it down to 400 pages.

I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Anthony again. He was an effortless partner on Wikinomics three years ago and on this book he is even more brilliant.  I’m proud of what we have accomplished. The book will be on the shelves this September but it can be pre-ordered now at any online bookstore.

Thank you for your patience.

Don Tapscott