This weekend I had the pleasure of addressing the Biennial Convention for the Liberal Party of Canada, Canada’s historical party. After three consecutive defeats, the Liberals are faced with the opportunity to reinvent themselves and become Canada’s first 21st century political party.

Here are some excerpts from recent news coverage:

The Toronto Star:

“More so than any other political party in Canada, you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself and become Canada’s first 21st-century political institution,” Don Tapscott, the internationally acclaimed author on future trends, said in a keynote speech to the convention.



Tapscott encouraged Liberals to open their party up or else they, like other parties, risk losing their legitimacy.

“The body politique is deeply broken,” he said, describing this as a time of profound change for the Liberals and for political institutions generally.


Globe and Mail:

Earlier Saturday morning, delegates heard from Don Tapscott, a Canadian and internationally-renowned thinker on engagement.
He also pushed for opening up the party, arguing that political parties should fear becoming bypassed by the new social tools and networks of engagement that youth are using now.