Joan Warner of Oxford Economics has published an article reviewing Blockchain Revolution. She writes:

What if you could get a loan without a credit score? What if your apartment knew when you’d be traveling for a while, and automatically sublet itself to a solvent, clean-living tenant? What if a single, unhackable digital ID let you vote, pay your taxes, or sign up for government benefits from wherever you happened to be, without reams of tedious paperwork?

Behold blockchain, the technology poised to enable all this and more. In Blockchain Revolution, published this week by Penguin, authors Don and Alex Tapscott (père et fils) take us through scores of potential uses for what’s called a distributed ledger — a shared database whose “blocks” of data are linked into a “chain” by cryptographic software. A blockchain creates a permanent record of transactions that’s transparent to all its users; no transaction can be completed or altered without validation from a majority of those users. Blockchain first made headlines as the technology behind virtual currencies like Bitcoin. But as this book shows, Bitcoin is a mere prologue to the blockchain story.

Read the full review on Oxford Economics.