In the first installment of Don Tapscott’s new CBC Radio Series ReCivilization, Don looks at the media and how the industrial-age model of mass production is giving way to new, collaborative and citizen journalism, enabled by the web. Under the old model, newspapers and broadcasters delivered the news to passive listeners and readers; in this new, digital age, anyone can be a publisher or a broadcaster – and traditional media is being forced to adapt. The episode also introduces Anthony D. Williams, Don’s longtime collaborator and a regular contributor to the series.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  inventor of the World Wide Web, on its impact and future.

Sue Gardner,  Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, on Wikipedia and collaborative journalism.

Alan Rusbridger,  Editor of Britain’s Guardian, on the future of the newspaper.

Leo Laporte, founder of TWiT TV, an entirely online network.

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