Steve Wozniak calls it “mind-blowing in its expansiveness and profundity.” Clay Christensen says it’s “Likely to become one of the iconic books of our time.” And The Financial Times calls it “a thorough, balanced, and enlightening guide to the next big thing.”

The book is Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World (May 2016) by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott. And the revolution it touts is one made possible by blockchain, the digital ledger technology behind bitcoin that’s making transactions instant, secure, and resistant to fraud.

Don Tapscott (author of Wikinomics, The Digital Economy, and more) has teamed up with his son Alex Tapscott (CEO and founder of a VC firm specializing in blockchain companies) to envision the vast potential of a technology we’ve only begun to explore. They sat down with the Center to share their insights.

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