Robin Whalen writes about Don Tapscott and Blockchain Revolution on the Canadian Marketing Association website:

I was fortunate enough to see Don Tapscott speak at the second executive breakfast from the two-part CMAideas series this past week. I’ve read some of his books in the past and have always been fascinated by his ability to decipher trends that have the ability to fundamentally change how we behave, spend, interact, shop, you name it. So when I was invited to this last event, I obviously jumped at the chance.

Now I’m going to take a wild guess here. Not many marketers are overly familiar with Blockchain. Personally, I had a Wikipedia level knowledge on the subject. I probably still do but nonetheless, I’m better off than I was before seeing Tapscott’s talk. So what is Blockchain? And what is this Revolution we’re hearing about? I’ll try and break it down here for you…

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Don Tapscott